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The secret to our exceptional potting soil

Aeromaster Humus Compost is organic material that has been completely broken down through thermophilic and microbial breakdown, and then built back up into a carbon structure called Humus. We do this through a careful management of the breakdown and a series of microbial inoculants throughout the process.

Humus Has Incredible Capabilities

  • ♦ Holds up to 4x its weight in water.
  • ♦ Loosens tight soils.
  • ♦ Solubilizes soil nutrients.
  • ♦ Holds nutrients in the soil for plant use.
  • ♦ Increases root mass.
  • ♦ Helps bring soil into balance.

Contains Micorrhizal Fungi

Beneficial micorrhizal fungi are sustained in our humus ensuring that they are actually alive and active, ready to attach to plant roots of the new sprout. Many potting soil mixes simply inoculate with micorrhizal fungi but die off quickly before coming into contact with the plant roots.

Approved for certified organic production.


  • ♦ Better Germination Rates
  • ♦ Faster Germination
  • ♦ Higher Yield Potential
  • ♦ 2 Week Longer Transplant Window

Seed germination is a busy and complex time with thousands of protein reactions requiring all the right minerals to be available at just the right time. By creating a "reduced soil environment" in our potting soil, we are able to ensure that all the right minerals are readily available when needed. This means your seeds will germinate and sprout up to a full day earlier, and with better potential, while continuing to grow at a faster rate than traditional potting soils.

Plant Quality

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  • ♦ Stronger, Healthier Plants
  • ♦ Improved Root Growth
  • ♦ Minimized Transplant Setback

Our Greenhouse Media creates the perfect environment to stimulate root growth. By establishing a better root system, plants have better access to more water and nutrients. This reduces the stress on the plant and virtually eliminates setback that is common when transplanting. Plants that are started with the proper balance of nutrients and then having that balance maintained in the field, will provide the most nutrient dense fruit, as well as being disease and insect resistant.

Save Time & Money

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  • ♦ No Fertilizer Needed!
  • ♦ Better Moisture Control
  • Plants Ready 1 Week Sooner!

Our Greenhouse Media potting soil is the result of 6 years of research to find the right combination of minerals that will give your plants the maximum level of health and vitality coming out of the greenhouse. This blend was built upon Aeromaster Humus Compost to give the ultimate growing medium that contains all the nutrients a plant needs to flourish in appropriately sized trays, requiring minimal or even zero additional fertilizer. The humus compost helps to regulate the moisture levels around the seed and roots for optimum growth.

Plants grown in Aeromaster based Greenhouse Media are typically ready for transplant or sale at least 1 week sooner than traditional potting soils.

Be sure to pre-soak potting soil thoroughly before putting into trays. For even better results, use Aeromaster Compost Tea for pre-soaking the seeds and potting soil mix before planting.

Aeromaster Humus Compost, Biochar, Peat, Perlite, Pulverized Volcanic Ash, Chelated Trace Minerals, Lime, and more!

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