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In a time of increasing food costs and decreasing salaries, the question of why to spend money on soil often presents itself. Many people find it more logical to dig up their ground, add some soil amendments and plant. At one time, this was the logical approach and standard practice.

Many of us however, are finding ourselves with soil that has been degraded by current building practices (such as removing most of the topsoil in new construction) and polluted due by pesticides and herbicides. Still others are moving in to homes that were built on top of or near old businesses that polluted the soil to a point that it is now considered "brownfield," or soil too toxic to grow edibles in.

There is an old saying that "you are what you eat." If we are eating foods that are grown in soils with toxins, it would make sense that our bodies are taking in toxins. We are also facing a food supply that is less nutrient dense than that of years past. With this being said, it seems to make sense to use soil that will be easy to grow in as well as detoxify and enhance the existing soil.

Using Aeromaster Humus Technology, our square foot gardening blend is designed to be used as a stand alone soil for applications in raised bed gardens and high density vegetable growing. This soil mix is pre-bagged and is distributed exclusively through Your Garden Solution.

Why should you use Aeromaster Humus Technology in your square foot garden?

Better Taste - Because humus loosens the soil and coats minerals, the plant is better able to gather its nutrient from the soil in the balance that it needs them.

Better Nutrition - When humus is in charge of the soil, the plant has ready access to soil nutrients. This allows plants to build better balanced amino acids, which builds better proteins, which builds better cells resulting in healthier plants and more nutritious food.

Better Pest Control - As plant health improves, it becomes less attractive to insects and worms. Insects and worms cannot handle the high energy contained in healthy plants. In some cases, they may even die when consuming high energy plants.

Better Weed Control - Aeromaster Humus Compost does not encourage the growth of weeds. In fact, over time, it will reduce weed pressure as it creates a soil environment less conducive to weed seed germination.

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