Penn Valley Farms is a 95 acre farm carved away in a large valley located just outside the historic town of Lititz in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The farm was originally part of a 540 acre homestead settled by Swiss immigrant Peter Reist the year 1735. In 1933, the grandfather of present owner J. Robert & Lois Keller bought the farm from the son-in-law of descendant Jacob Reist.

Composting became a part of Penn Valley Farms in the early 90's. It began on a small scale using a manure spreader to mix the materials, and a small crawler loader to turn the rows. Because our goal was an aerobic compost, it became very apparent that a compost turner should be purchased.

In 1994, the first compost turner was brought to the farm purchased from Midwest Bio-Systems. A one acre pad was constructed for compost production and later expanded to two acres. Subsequently a compost screener was built to screen for potting soils and other applications. Since then the production of a high quality humus compost has been implemented and become a major part of the soil fertility program on Penn Valley Farms and its customers.

Currently, Penn Valley Farms is sole a producer of certified organic products. We are dedicated to good stewardship of our land as God has given us and providing high quality to our customers! Excellence is our goal!

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