Balancing Soil
with Aeromaster Humus

A better way to balance your soil for a healthier growing environment.

Balancing the minerals in your soil (mineralization) is a crucial part of your soil fertility program. But did you know there's more to soil fertility than NPK or mineralization? In order to achieve balance in the soil, a healthy soil fertility program needs to address all three aspects of the soil: Structure (physical), Minerals (chemical), and Microbial Life (biological). Aeromaster Humus Technology makes fertility programs simpler, more efficient, and more cost effective by addressing each of these three areas.

Soil tests are a very important function of soil fertility planning. A test provides an approximation of what is available to the plants in the soil. However, to get the soils into balance through mineralization only, can take huge amounts of minerals at high costs! Many times the addition of minerals is lost through leaching, volatilization, and nutrient tie-up.

Aeromaster Humus improves the availability and efficacy of minerals in the soil, meaning fewer minerals need to be added to achieve even greater result. You'll even be able to reduce the amount of supplemental nitrogen needed to grow a crop!

Humus has the ultimate holding capacity for nutrients. Humus has both positive and negative charged sites, creating a powerful magnetic attraction for nutrients and minerals, making them available to plants. Because Humus holds nutrients to itself, it reduces the opportunity for nutrients to bind with themselves (known as tie-up). This means less additional nutrients need to be applied to your soil, saving you money on fertilizer costs.

Pre-blending your minerals with Aeromaster Humus solubilizes the minerals and holds them in the soil until the plant needs them. Aeromaster Humus has a very powerful magnetic attraction which allows this phenomenon to take place. The magnetic properties of the humus pushes (magnetizes) the clay colloids apart which also impacts soil balance. Soils are brought back into balance with far less minerals needed to accomplish the task!

Aeromaster Humus Technology not only give short-term benefits, but also provides long-term benefits improving year after year! Our goal is to help each farmer develop the most economically viable fertility program for his farm.

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