Premium Blend Soil Amendment

Penn Valley Premium Blend

Premium Blend Humus is a unique blend of ingredients which provides a complete source of nutrition for vegetable and fruiting plants. Our customers report significantly improved plant health and growth, along with improved flavor and disease resistance when they use Premium Blend Humus on their plants.

At the heart of this Premium Blend is Aeromaster Humus Compost which helps to bring structure to the soil, and to activate and build literal plant/soil communication through microbiology.

Aeromaster Humus is a specially humified compost teaming with beneficial biology and nutrients that promotes a healthy root environment in the soil and makes nutrients more available to the plant.

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Save your back and transform your garden! A little bit of this goes a long way in your garden and will literally replace truckloads of cheap single source compost.

Suggested application rate is 6-8 ounces per square foot, or 2-4 tons per acre for market gardens.

Premium Blend Humus contains an ultra-rich, 7+ ingredient aerobically composted and microbially inoculated "humified" compost that is blended with crushed crab shell, biochar, volcanic rock minerals, gypsum, and more.

What's in it?
Organic Mined Gypsum, Ground Crab Shell, Pulverized Volcanic Rock, Biochar, Aeromaster Humus
These ingredients provide a wonderful and rich organic soil amendment for your garden.
How much do I need?
Soil Amendment Calculator
Spread 5 oz by weight, (1-2 handfuls) per square foot of garden space in the spring, and again after each harvest.
Broadcast 50 lb per 1000 square feet (1 ton per acre). Apply once every 2-3 years for best results.
Add 1 cup (8oz) per gallon. Example: 2 cups per 2 gallon container. Topdress as needed every 2-3 months.
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