More Hay and Healthier Sheep

More Hay & Healthier Sheep

Sonshine Meadow Farm, owned by Doug Mast and his family in Western Howard County Maryland, has a unique opportunity and access to a large amount of acreage of low-quality or marginal soil. This land also sits in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, so environmental and ecological impact is a significant factor that must be addressed in soil and nutrient management. The challenge was to sustainably manage this land while keeping the farm financially viable. Doug was only able to make a small amount of hay initially and it was not of suitable quality for selling, so he began to raise sheep that could consume the hay and turn it into a higher value revenue stream for the farm.

Determined to make the farm more profitable and productive without using synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, Doug began applying Liquid Humus to his hay ground. After the first application, his bale count doubled! By the second year of applying Liquid Humus, he noticed that his sheep were no longer suffering from parasites and other common ailments he regularly treated before. Even more remarkably, lambing mortality dropped by 50% from the previous year!

Doug's hay has improved in quality to such an extent that he is now able to sell it to horse owners who report their horses absolutely love the hay and even eat the parts most horses tend to avoid.

The secret to Doug's success is the powerful ability of Liquid Humus to capture more energy form the sun and unlock nutrients already in the soil and air while improving plants' ability to uptake these nutrients and become more nutrient-rich with higher digestibility, thus delivering more vital nutrition to his sheep.

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