Significant Yield Increase and Pest Reduction in Sweetcorn

Significant Yield Increase and Pest Reduction in Sweetcorn

Danny Gales knows sweetcorn, and grows exceptional quality sweetcorn near Bronson, Michigan. His customers are increasingly requesting naturally grown / chemical-free sweetcorn, and so he set out to grow a premium quality sweetcorn utilizing regenerative soil practices and eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals.

Danny applied 10 gallons of Liquid Humus in-furrow directly onto the seed at planting. He also applied Liquid Humus as a foliar spray twice through the early stages of growth. Danny was amazed at the results he got. He said that after using Liquid Humus, approximately 50% of the stalks growing in his sandy soil produced a second sellable ear - something not previously achievable!

More incredibly, he observed a 90% reduction in corn borer / ear worm, and was able to sell a 60-70% larger late season crop! Not only does he have more corn to sell, the overall quality improved, and the flavor is unbelievable.

The secret to Danny's success is the unique and powerful ability of Liquid Humus to unlock soil nutrition with biology and carbon. This gives the plant better nutrition and enables it to grow stronger healthier cell walls that improves its natural pest resistance. It also enables the plant to produce more complex sugars which improve the flavor as well.

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